Introducing Go+

Discover Go+, district m’s advanced demand-side platform. Where our Go platform simplifies DSPs for small and medium businesses, Go+ caters to programmatic experts who want to utilize deep customization for their ad campaigns.


In addition to all the standard features you’d expect from a DSP, Go+ gives advertisers access to a fully transparent programmatic ecosystem where you can remain in control of your campaigns at all times.

Our fees don’t rise with the size of your campaigns

With district m’s SaaS pricing, you never pay more than a base subscription fee for our services. Whereas other DSP services charge a percentage of spend fees, our fee remains the same. You can put more of your marketing budget back into your ad spend where it belongs.

Build impactful ads fast with our creative ad builder

Launch more effective campaigns by using ad formats suited to your goals. By using the Go+ ad builder, you have access to district m’s mix of standard and unique ad formats that can help make your campaigns more successful.

From size to animation, get creative with our ad builder and create eye-catching ads to launch through prospecting and retargeting campaigns.

Precise targeting

Now that you have a suite of high impact ads, you need to make sure you are finding the right audience. Go+ was built with premium targeting options so you can find the right person at the right place at the right moment.

Reach your target audience based on:
  • Geolocation
  • Time of the day & week
  • Online behavior
  • Most popular websites

Custom optimization

district m works with the best data management platforms to provide the right insight on campaigns’ performances, optimizations and most efficient targeting settings.

Find the sweet spot between cost and performance

Increase your win rate and never over spend on an impression. Our bid modifier allows you to optimize your bids per format, ad sizes, time of day and week to ensure you are only paying competitively for the impressions you really want.

Create analytics reports the way you want

Rest API

In any campaign, advertisers need to know what works and what doesn’t. With Rest API you can use and customize any dashboard you would like to create the reports that best suit your business needs.  You can also customize workflows, build your own algorithms into the system, and change just about anything you can think of in the Go+ UI.

Built-in Analytics

The analytics dashboard in Go+ offers real-time transparent reporting, so you know how your campaigns are performing every minute of the day.

Self-Serve or Managed Campaigns

Go+ gives you the option of either working with one of district m’s dedicated account managers to run your campaign or using the platform on your own as a SaaS. Our account managers are tech savvy programmatic experts, so no matter what choice you make, your advertising is in good hands.

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