Introducing DMX

Welcome to one of the top-ten fastest growing exchanges in the world. DMX is the epitome of district m’s commitment to offering the highest supply-path visibility possible and very low supply-side take rate.


Launch more effective campaigns by using formats suited to your goals. district m offers a mix of standard and unique ad formats in order to answer advertisers’ main campaign goals.

Visibility from publisher-direct relationships

Know exactly where your ads are being placed with a transparent supply side. With DMX, you don’t have to worry about brand safety concerns. Not only will you know what sites your ads are landing on but you also have control over your ad placements with flexible supply filtering.

High quality, unique supply

DMX gives you access to a unique supply of publishers, including 85% of the top 1000 publishers as ranked by Comscore.

Supply path optimization

By dealing directly with publishers, district m offers an optimized supply path. You don’t have to worry about unfair auction tactics on the supply side leading to overspending on impressions. Bid duplication is impossible too as DMX is the only source for a publisher’s specified inventory.

Data you can take action on

Whether you are accessing DMX through our DSPs, Go or Go+, you’ll have access to data you can use to run a more cost-effective campaign. A dashboard within DMX shows you how competitive sites have been historically at specific times of the year, month, day on specific devices and locations. With this data you can plan your campaigns to avoid costly bidding at peak times and locations when possible. 

Not just for programmatic experts

If you are new to programmatic advertising or simply don’t have the time to invest in campaigns, our dedicated account managers are industry-savvy experts who can guide you through supply filtering and help you get the best results from your ad campaigns.

A nimble tech stack designed for speed and flexibility

Given the relatively young age of DMX, the platform is free of ‘tech debt’ that prevents or prolongs new features and products. This allows district m to offer the kind of speed and flexibility that keeps take rates at an industry low. 

Access to unique & standard ad formats

Launch more effective campaigns by using ad formats suited to your goals. You have access to district m’s mix of standard and unique ad formats that can help make your campaigns more successful.

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