Solutions for agencies

Provide your clients with next level programmatic capacities with district m’s platform Go+.

All your clients in one place

Launch more effective campaigns by using formats suited to your goals. district m offers a mix of standard and unique ad formats in order to answer advertisers’ main campaign goals.


Immerse your audience in your brand’s universe and get new customers with our high-impact ad formats.


Interact more with your audience with district m’s exclusive engagement formats.

Direct response

Generate conversions and reach you campaign goals with our direct response formats!

High quality publishers for your brands

You don’t need to worry about brand-safety. With district m, you have access to high quality publishers and the ability to customize your requests so that you’re only bidding on brand appropriate inventory. Our exchange, DMX, is sellers.json compliant which means there is full transparency over where your ads are placed at all times.

Leverage real data

district m works with the best data management platforms to provide real actionable data and build custom audience segments so agencies can manage multiple campaigns for all their clients, all in one place. 
Our exchange, DMX, provides a dashboard that shows how competitive bidding is on our websites at specific months, days, times, locations and devices. This allows you to plan campaigns for your clients around high-demand periods when possible. Agencies can also bring their own optimization settings through district m’s API, so you make sure your campaigns run the way you want them to.

100% working media

Based on a SaaS model, Go+ is designed to optimize working media. Advertisers pay a flat monthly fee that will never increase no matter their media spend, so that their budget goes directly towards advertising efforts.

We got this

Want more support to run your programmatic campaigns? Here is what we can do for you:

Programmatic creativity

Want to make sure your programmatic ads have the most impact? Let our team of designers create your ad banners for you, so your campaigns can reach their maximum potential.

Campaign execution and optimization

Let us take care of your campaign management for you – you give us your goals, we take care of the heavy-lifting. From trafficking to execution and optimization, our ad ops team executes your strategy and you benefit from the results.

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